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Jun 1, 2010

Dr. Self is accepting new patients for primary medical care, most insurance plans accepted 

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Jun 1, 2010

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Laser/Light Treatment

The Self Center provides a warm, relaxing environment for your time of rejuvenation. It truly is… all about you… all about helping you turn back the clock. The skin treatments at the Self Center allow you to look, feel younger quicker and return to your usual schedule with little or no downtime. It continues to be The Center of choice for individuals living or visiting the Mobile, Baldwin County and Eastern Shore area.


Photodynamic Therapy(PDT)

PDT using Levulan® activated with Blu-U is considered one of the safest acne treatments available. It has minimal known side effects. The results can last months depending on the severity and the number of treatments required. However, varying results should be expected from one person to the next. Your skin type and severity of your acne will play an important role in determining the results. Levulan® applied topically to the area of acne and activated either with the Blu-U or IPL has essentially replaced the need for Accutane ®for acne treatment. Accutane® has many possible side effects which is not associated with Levulan®.



Levulan® with Blu-U light $250


The BLU-U System

Used alone can dramatically improve acne. It is a very special blue light that can kill the p. acnes bacteria in your skin which is known to be one of the major factors that cause acne. Treatment is simple; you simply sit with your face close to the light for a short time at a pre-determined schedule, usually a 16-17minute session twice per week. The treatments may go on for four weeks. It is very safe and it is not painful. After some weeks, the blue light can control your acne, or clear it up for a very long period.



$50 per treatment session; usually 4-8 sessions recommended


Hair Reduction

Unwanted hair can be a nightmare for many men and women. IPL treatments are also used for permanent hair reduction putting an end to routine shaving and waxing. Your hair grows in three distinct phases or cycles: growth, regression, and resting. During the active growth phase, which typically happens once every 6 to 8 weeks, there is pigment in the root of the hair. Treatment targets that color and destroys the hair, therefore, it works best on darker hair on lighter skin. The number of treatments needed depends on your hair growth cycle, thickness, location and other physical factors but usually takes 3 or more treatments. The common areas of permanent hair reduction include under the arms, face including the chin and upper lip, legs, chest, back, ears, nose, nipples and pubic.



$150 - $400 per session depending on the size and location of unwanted hair


Laser/Light treaments can help the following skin conditions

Actinic keratosis


Usually covered by most insurance plans



Dr. Self usually recommends IPL treatments for epidermal melasma.


$150-$250 per session depending on extent of skin disorder; usually 3 or more sessions recommended



Dr. Self usually recommends IPL treatments with or wihout Levulan® in most cases.


$200-$400 depending on the extent of skin disorder; usually 3 or more sessions recommended


Acne Vulgaris

Dr. Self usually recommends Blu-U alone or in combination with Levulan® for treatment of acne not responsive to usual treatment (see Photodynamic Therapy and Blu-U System).