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Jun 1, 2010

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Jun 1, 2010

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Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy is a relatively new practice in the U.S. but was pioneered in France by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952. This technique has begun to attract physicians in the United States in the past few years although over 15,000 medical practitioners in France and Europe have been employing this technique for a number of years. It appears to be safe and it is virtually painless and bloodless. Mesotherapy is the practice of micro-injection of one or more medications through the skin into the fat cells and subcutaneous tissues. Following the procedure one can go about their usual activities.

Dr. Self traveled to Paris, France to study under Drs. Jacque Le Coz, Allen Lajeunie, Florence Thomas and Phillippe Berthier to become highly skilled in this specific technique. Dr. Self has been certified in the mesotherapy technique by the Enseignement International de Mesotherapie. He uses this technique for the treatment of cellulite as well as for topical localized fat reduction in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. This technique is not for weight loss but for contouring and shaping one's body.

All the medicines used by Dr. Self are FDA approved but are employed as "off-label use" because the method of injecting fat cells directly with one or more medicines has not been approved in the United States.

This method targets certain receptors on the fat cells that produce lipogenesis (fat production) and lipolysis (fat breakdown). There are both alpha receptors and beta receptors on the cell surfaces. When beta receptors are stimulated they cause lipolysis, fat breakdown. When alpha receptors are stimulated, they cause lipogenesis, fat production. Medicines are used to target stimulating the beta receptors and inhibiting the alpha receptors and inhibiting the fat cell phosphodiesterases. Cellulite is much more common in women who also are more likely to request treatment of certain fat deposits on thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. Research has shown that it is more difficult for women to lose their fat especially in the thighs than it is for men. Women have 6-8 times more alpha receptors than beta cells in the thighs. Alpha receptors, when stimulated, cause fat deposit induced by estrogen, which is normally produced in the female. Mesotherapy using one or two medications to target the fat cells is the best known treatment of cellulite at present.

This technique is employed using an injector gun which is calibrated to inject very small amounts of medicines into specific areas that are targeted. It is virtually painless and bloodless. By using the smallest needle made is the reason that injecting 50-100 sites at one time does not cause significant pain. 


$200.00 per session; 10 sessions usually recommended;