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Jun 1, 2010

Dr. Self is accepting new patients for primary medical care, most insurance plans accepted 

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Jun 1, 2010

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Research Facility

Self Center, P.C. is located at 306 South Greeno Road, Fairhope, Alabama, 36532 in a substantial building occupying approximately 6500 square feet. There is a large reception room, business offices, check in and out, transcription office, billing office, administrator’s office, physician’s office, and conference room. A large surgery suite and cosmetic suite are used for private practice patients as well as six examination rooms. There is a nutritional office designed for the Registered Dietitian who counsels subjects when the protocol requires. Also, there is an office with a Licensed Counselor for private patients. Last, but not least, the Self Center has a Licensed Pharmacy located in the facility that is not open to the public but solely for the convenience of the practice.


The office space allows a large number of research subjects to be seen in a very organized fashion. The conference room is excellent for meeting with potential research subjects. Dr. Self gives a detailed presentation, discussing expectations and commitment for the subject and sends them home with a copy of the informed consent. The subject is then scheduled for a return visit with Dr. Self for any further questions prior to signing the Informed Consent.


Dr. Self sees each research subject at each visit. The clinical staff is performing vitals such as blood pressure, weight, height, and EKG’s prior to the Doctor’s visit in six different exam rooms. Many trials require special tests, either written or electronic, so we have stations dedicated for privacy for these functions.


The laboratory has a well equipped blood drawing station complete with a centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, refrigerator with 20 degree freezer as well as a minus 70 degree freezer with a monitoring temperature control. The space is designed so that the phlebotomist has window access to an adjoining bathroom for obtaining specimens. We use skilled phlebotomists to ensure patients comfort and safety. The laboratory is complete with a dry ice maker to allow shipping of specimens to designated central labs.


After completing laboratory tests, there are always coffee, nutritional bars and other drinks provided for patients in the break room since research subjects are generally fasting for their visits.


There are various locked cabinets throughout the research facility to provide for storage of study drug and other items that need additional security. Depending on the requirements for different protocols there is always adequate space reserved for any specific equipment needed.


Staff consist of:

Primary Investigator, Karl Stanley Self, MD, FAAFM

Sub-Investigator, John C. McDuff, MD, FACP

Study Coordinators (2)

Administrative Director (1)

Registered Dietitian (1)

Phlebotomist (1)

Pharmacist (1)

Pharmacy Technicians (2)

Other Clinical Staff (4)

Other Office Staff (4)