Body Mass Index

Your BMI or body mass index determines your obesity level.  


A BMI calculator can help determine if you are at a healthy weight.  


Contact the Self Center to discuss your BMI. 

Weight Loss Center

The Self Center’s Weight Loss Center has had excellent success using a multi-disciplinary approach for weight loss and maintenance and has served patients in the Mobile, Baldwin County and Eastern Shore area for over 20 years.


Through the combined efforts of the physician, registered dietician, counselor for motivation and behavioral changes and a trained and caring staff, patients have achieved success in weight loss, reducing disease risk factors, improving their existing medical diseases and creating a healthy new life style.


There are five basic components involved in the treatment at the Self Center

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Motivation/Behavioral Changes
  • Physician Consultation and Mandatory Follow-up
  • Medications/ Appetite Suppressants (optional)

The success of patients in the Self Center is based on these five components. It is advised that all areas receive regular attention to aid in maintaining the proper positive attitude and achieving the best weight loss results.